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The DoloMatrix Group of Companies

The DoloMatrix Group of companies is multi-faceted waste management group, providing innovative and cost effective environmental and waste management solutions to clients in Australia and around the World.

The DoloMatrix Group is comprised of five businesses, working in unison to provide industry with a full range of environmental services. DoloMatrix International Limited is the parent company of the group and owner of Chemsal, SRL Plasma Pty Ltd, BCD Technologies Pty Ltd and Entech Industries Pty Ltd.


Chemsal is a chemical waste management company with 26 years of experience in the marketplace. Chemsal, originally a specialist chemical waste disposal company, now offers services in: resource recovery, recycling, hazardous waste collection and disposal, chemical treatment, chemical fixation, depackaging, surplus chemical trading, laboratory relocations and decontamination.

A key process employed by Chemsal in its resource recovery operation is the HazPak 3000 densification system. The HazPak machine provides extremely high levels of efficiency in removal of unwanted residues in order to recover recyclable materials such as steel from used paint tins. Hazpack can also be used to process used oil filters, aerosols and gas cylinders.

BCD Technologies Pty Ltd

BCD Technologies is a hazardous waste management company specialising in the disposal of persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Typically these are chlorinated organic compounds such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs). BCD Technologies operates the patented PLASCON® process as well as the licensed BCD process for the treatment of POPs. As well as destroying POPs, BCD Technologies also has advanced capabilities in the decontamination of soils and electrical equipment contaminated by such substances.

Ozone depleting substances (ODSs) are also destroyed using PLASCON® technology at BCD’s Tottenham plant in Victoria.

BCD Technologies has been operating to assist the Australian Government and industry in the management and destruction of POPs since 1985.

SRL Plasma Pty Ltd

SRL Plasma Pty Ltd operates, manufactures and markets the PLASCON® electric-arc plasma hazardous waste destruction process. This patented “in-flight,” state-of-the-art technology is in commercial use in a number of critical hazardous waste applications in Australia as well as EPA licensed integrated hazardous wastes treatment facilities in the United States and Mexico. It has also been used in the United Kingdom and there are currently four units in use in Japan. In the late 90’s a dedicated facility was established for the destruction of CFCs, HCFCs and Halons in Australia. The PLASCON® has been approved for use in many international jurisdictions for environmentally safe destruction of hazardous chemicals and gasses.

SRL Plasma can supply a compact, relocateable skid unit to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers including: governments, waste destruction companies and chemical producers.

Entech Industries Pty Ltd

Entech is a specialised environmental services company with a focus on environmental chemistry and waste management. Entech consists of a team of high skilled environmental scientists and chemists with extensive experience in the environmental and waste management sectors.

The range of services provided is based around the following broad areas:Environmental and chemical consulting and project management, Waste management consulting and auditing, Waste tracking IT systems and Hazardous waste and contaminated soil treatment.

Entech’s mission is to develop unique solutions to our clients environmental and waste management problems.

DoloMatrix International Limited and Dolocrete®

DoloMatrix International Limited is the owner of the patented Dolocrete® micro-encapsulation technology. Dolocrete®. Dolocrete® is used to achieve in-situ immobilization of a wide variety of hazardous materials, in cases where removal is not feasible.

Dolocrete® is a magnesium oxide-based binder prepared to a patented process from very high magnesium carbonate content dolomite or magnesite material. Depending on the waste material, a selection of proprietary catalysts can be used to facilitate the formation of chemical bonds in a mineral matrix. Dolocrete® additives and special binders work synergistically to form “a double layer” barrier, trapping the waste and repelling moisture.
The range of applications of Dolocrete® is wide and includes sites contaminated by; the petroleum refining or petrochemical industries, smelting, metallurgical and electroplating plants, the mining industry, chemical treatment, paper manufacturing industries to name just a few. Dolocrete® is also extremely effective in immobilising contaminants in sludge dredged from rivers, harbours and other waterways.

Recycle E-waste

Recycle E-waste is an electronic waste recycling service, operating within and throughout Melbourne’s CBD, and inner and outer suburbs.

Recycle E-waste is the processing plant for your electronic waste, any electronic equipment that you wish to discard is collected, appropriately sorted, and delivered to a trusted recycling facility where it is recycled for future reuse.

Most importantly, as we recycle your electronic equipment, we ensure that any e-waste collected by us isn’t dumped into landfill. If disposed of into landfill, toxic elements found in e-waste can seep into the environment, leaving an impact on our soil and waterways, and in turn, human health.

At Recycle E-waste, your security is paramount. You can rest assured that any sensitive data that may be present on your laptop, hard drive or smartphone is carefully and absolutely destroyed.

We collect corporate e-waste, industrial e-waste, as well as residential e-waste items, promptly and professionally, and always at a very affordable price.