What Is Asbestos And How To Handle It Safely?

The term ‘asbestos’ is designated to the group of six fibrous materials that exist in nature and these are widely used for different constructional purposes since ages. These materials are all made of silicates and adored for the qualities of great durability and fire resistance. Though there are six different scientific names attributed to these asbestos materials’ these six types of asbestos are commonly known for their distinct colours. For example, Anthophyllite asbestos is known as brown asbestos and Crocidolite asbestos is called blue asbestos. 

All the asbestos materials can resist high temperatures, for which these are fireproof and are bad conductors of electricity, as well as great absorbers of sound. Thus, these materials were earlier used for making the roofs and the pipes of all the domestic and commercial buildings across the world. However, now it is discovered that the asbestos is also highly hazardous to human health and can be the reason for some deadly illnesses, including lung cancer. Hence, it should be handled with the utmost care and only the certified agencies should be contacted for asbestos removal like C4 Demolition

Tips for handling asbestos safely at old homes 

Though the asbestos is now prohibited for construction in many countries, there are still quite a large number of old buildings that have several parts made of asbestos. So the occupants of these buildings should be careful while handling these asbestos parts and follow some precautionary measures, which are also followed by the people involved professionally in-house demolition in Brisbane.

  • The people handling asbestos related works should wear protective gears to prevent the entry of harmful asbestos particles into their respiratory system. It is recommended to use a special respirator or double strapped dust masks for this purpose. 
  • Moreover, the people involved in the removal or repairing of asbestos should also wear thick gloves, hats, hooded coveralls and safety goggles for protecting their body skin, hairs and the eyes. 
  • These people should wash their faces and hands carefully with soap and warm water, after the completion of the asbestos removal Brisbane. The utmost care should be taken to prevent the entry of asbestos particles into the body through the foods and drinks, when they eat or drink in between this job or even afterwards. 
  • No one should eat or drink at the place where the repairing or removal of asbestos is going on. Moreover, smoking is also known to be dangerous there and may cause the inhalation of asbestos dust. 
  • As the asbestos is easily breakable, no powerful tool should be used for the removal of asbestos sheets or the pipes. Hence, the asbestos products cannot be drilled or cut into smaller pieces, for preventing the production of microparticles of asbestos dust. It is best to simply open up the screws of the joints carefully and bring out the asbestos parts during demolition Brisbane. 
  • The asbestos parts are often damped with the light spray of water, but a large force of water is prohibited to avoid breakage of these asbestos items. 
  • If someone is showing symptoms, visit Cancer Council for more information

Hence, only the professionals associated with asbestos removal Brisbane should be hired for safely removing the asbestos parts of the old buildings of this region. 


Tons of old laptops and PCs consume spaces in our homes, offices or business centers because we are reluctant to over the old machines for recycling. Within a few months, new models of tablets, PCS, laptops and smart phones are released making the old ones obsolete. It’s quite clear you cannot throw them into the dustbin leaving you with an alternative of either reusing or recycling. Below are reasons you should recycle your old computer,


It’s quite obvious that your laptop happens to contain materials that can be reused as raw materials to manufacture new products. You can use the metals from their circuit board to make a new circuit board without incurring an extra cost, and that is if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, your old computer is still valuable.


A majority of old computers would release hazardous waste like lead and mercury in our environment and if some of the parts are exposed can cause minor accidents to humans or animals can swallow and probably die. Instead of dumping of your old computer or leaving it lying around, reuse or recycle.

Local employment

It may be hard to realize this but used computer recycling creates employment. Assume you know how to assemble computers, but you can’t afford new parts. Using old parts to become creative can earn you a few dollars. The same case applies to computer recycling programs that recover PCs every day. The more they collect and recycle, the more they gain employment opportunities. If you don’t have a job and start picking up old computers and delivering them to IT specialists, you earn yourself one, and as time goes, you gain popularity, and more orders arrive at your doorstep.

Economic benefits

First of all, computers made from recycled parts are cheaper but that’s not all, you came across a new model you would love to have but it’s too expensive for you, there are retail shops that offer trade-ins. You provide them with enough old computers to cover the cost, and you get the new model. They take back your old computer and the new model is yours. So, the next time you think about throwing away your old PC, think twice. Economically, you have helped yourself, the retail shop, and the manufacturers through recycling.

Environmentally, you help reduce pollution by preventing toxic waste from leaking into the ground. It also helps your community grow when you give locals a chance to access cheap PCs.


What a first time skip bin hirer need to know all about bin usage?

If you have never dealt with a skip bin hire Brisbane company and you want to know more about bin usage, here are a few pointers to get you on your way. There are a number of things you need to be aware of including bin size and choosing the right bin size.

Bins are always measured in cubic meters, which tell you how much you can put into the bin without overfilling it.

2-metre skip bins

If you hire a 4-meter skip bin, then it is not a measurement of the length of the bin but its volume. The dimensions are measured from the top edge of the bin. For those who are planning on skip bin hire of a 2-meter bin, the bin they will get will measure 1.8 meter in length, 1.4 meter in width and 1 meter in height. This size of bin is perfect for small jobs in which you don’t have to get rid of a lot of waste. However, this bin is not large enough to fit a large piece of furniture but is perfect for those who are trimming hedges and who do not need to get rid of too much waste or material.

3-meter bins

The three-meter bin measures 2 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width and is 1.3 meters high. This is a popular and standard bin size that is used when you want to remove material from a house cleanup. It is good for removing items that are not too bulky and is a good option for those who are trimming a few hedges.

4-meter bins

The four-meter bin measures 2.5 meters in length and it is 1.6 meters wide as well as 1.2 meters high. This is a very popular bin size for your household cleanup and is good for those who want to remove some furniture or whitegoods or even a bed.

6-meter skip bins

The six-meter bin is suitable for larger cleanups. It measures 3.8 meters in length and is 1.6 meters wide as well as 1.2 meters high. This bin is useful if you want to remove material from a large cleanup. It is also perfect for removing longer items as well as whitegoods. If you are moving home, then this is the bin you should be choosing.

Choosing the right bin size

Before you pay a skip hire Brisbane company for their skip hire services, you need to make sure you pick the skip bin according to its size. To know which size bin is right for your needs, you should measure the largest item to be removed and then pick a size that is suitable for this largest piece.

Calculate appropriate bin size

It is also possible to calculate skip bin size by piling up all your rubbish and then calculating the size of the pile. Be sure to take the length and width as well as height of the pile and then pick a bin size that fits in with the measurements you just made.

Finally, before paying for skip bin hire Brisbane, you should understand the four categories of waste. These include general waste, green waste, heavy waste and concrete/bricks. Also, keep in mind it is not allowed to remove hazardous waste like asbestos and tires as well as liquid paints, oils and food and gas bottles. If found putting these items in the bin, you could end up paying a five hundred dollar fine.

Different types of wastes – what can go into a skip bin and what can’t?

The good news for anyone who is planning on paying for skip bin hire is it is easy to identify what kind of waste you can and cannot put into a skip bin. However, one needs to keep in mind the fact there are certain items that are banned from being put into a skip bin, and in addition, keep in mind that the type of waste you plan on putting in the skip bin will affect its price.

It, therefore, makes sense to be very particular about what kind of waste you can put into the skip bin. If you put something in the skip bin that was not identified earlier, then it can mean you will need to pay more for the disposal after your bin has been collected. Here is a look at different types of wastes – what can go into a skip bin and what can’t.

General Waste

It is possible to put the following waste in your skip bin. Any general household item, boxes, and wood, as well as cabinets and white goods, can be put in the skip bin. The same goes for clothes and toys as well as carpets.

It is not possible to put bricks and concrete as well as soil in your skip bin. So, before you get in touch with a skip bin hire Brisbane company, you should be clear about all the above-mentioned items which you can and cannot put in the skip bin.

Builders and Renovation bins

For builders and renovation bins, the following items can be put in the skip bin. Waste from household cleanups and renovations including bricks and concrete as well as general waste are all allowed to be put in your skip bin. There are no items that you cannot put in the skip bin in this category.


If you are planning on dumping dirt in the skip bin, then be sure to only put dirt and sand in the bin. You cannot put anything else apart from dirt in this skip bin.


When using a skip bin to put concrete in it, then the following items can be put in. these include bricks and concrete only. Anything other than bricks and concrete, is not allowed. Keep in mind that disposal facilities will be very strict about what you can and cannot put in the skip bin.

Green waste

If you are planning on disposing of green waste in your skip bin, then make sure you know what you can and cannot put in the skip bin. Organic waste like grass clippings and branches are allowed to be put in the skip bin. The same goes for woodchips and bark. Wood and fence palings can also be put in the skip bin. Any other waste type is not allowed in the skip bin.

Keep in mind that materials that you put in the skip bin must not overfill the skip bin and should not contain any food waste or food that could rot.

Make sure you never put putrescible waste, asbestos, hazardous waste and insulation materials (all kinds) liquids, gas bottles, and empty chemical containers or tree trunks in the skip bin.

Best ways to dispose of old electronics

Waste Management Association of Australia states that Everything that we use in the common days come up with an expiry date, there is a common perception about the electronic gadgets we use is they are for a lifetime. As a matter of fact, these gadgets and electronic appliances are used by the people for a long time and even In the case of any damage these things get repaired and ready to use once again. But, what if any electronic gadget gets expired and does not have any further use of repairing option? This is a mainstream question that bugs everyone and it is hard for the people to know its answer. There are some specific ways and methods that are used to dispose of these electronic gadgets and devices that everyone should know.

Contact certified E – Recycler

Considering the need and importance of electronic devices recycling procedure the government issued the recycling certificates to the specified companies. Recycling or dumping the electronic devices is not an ordinary task, not every recycling company is eligible to do it. There are specific machinery and tools required under the specific conditions. So, you need to approach such certified companies with your expired or old electronic gadgets or devices to ensure the safe recycling and disposal of these things.

Visit Civic Institutions

If you are unable to find out such kind of company then you do have the other option is to visit the civic institutions or government department that deals with the recycling products or information technology. Here you can get the ultimate guidelines about the recycling and reuse of such products with perfection and security. It is necessary for the environment to handle the products effectively and ensure the best outcomes.

Other retail options

Other than the government helps you can also look for the other retail options, there are a number of shops that accept the recyclable electronic products. These shops do have some certificated companies in contact that can recycle the products or the shops do have a kind of repairing business where they make the best use of the electronic devices. It is not a big deal for you to locate such shops, in fact at the market place you can get many of them easily. If you have one or two devices then these are the favourite spot for you as to reach the companies you need to have a large number of such gadgets or devices.

Donate and Help

If you are not concerned with the value and further proceedings of the devices then you can donate the devices to any of the foundation that is accepting. It is important to note that recycling of electronic devices can bring out some of the effective and expensive materials that can lead to the great business. By donating your devices you are not just helping the foundation or the organisation, in fact, giving them the opportunity to get the ultimate revenue generated from the scrap and grow the welfare work rapidly.


Disposing off your garbage should not be a problem at all when you avail the services of the skip bin hiring companies. There is no need for you to arrange to transport the garbage on your own. These companies specialize in providing the best services for picking up the garbage from your location and disposing it off at the scrapyard. Let us see some of the advantages of utilizing the services of these companies such as Perfect Bin Hire Inc.

  • Protect the environment: Your waste, either commercial or industrial can prove hazardous to the environment. The trick to saving the environment lies in segregating the waste material. By recycling waste, this company ensures to separate the dry waste from the wet ones before disposing them off.
  • Save time, money, and effort: In the normal course, you have to transport your garbage to the scrapyard for disposing them. You need to hire special vehicles for the same. This can also require obtaining the requisite permits. Hiring the services of such companies can save you considerable time, money, as well as effort. These companies have reasonable rates for collecting, transporting, and disposing of the garbage.
  • Safety is certainly a big issue: Your garbage might contain dangerous materials like chemicals and glass pieces. Disposing them on your own can jeopardize your safety. Availing the services of the professionals can be useful because of the expertise of these people in handling the same. This can ensure your safety.
  • Convenience is the key: The best aspect of hiring these skip bins is that you can order them to arrive at your doorstep to take care of your garbage. The convenience factor is one of the biggest advantages of availing their services.

You have just seen some simple advantages of availing the services of the skip bin hiring companies. The best aspect of hiring the services of Perfect Bin Hire Inc. is that there are no hidden costs.