What a first time skip bin hirer need to know all about bin usage?

If you have never dealt with a skip bin hire Brisbane company and you want to know more about bin usage, here are a few pointers to get you on your way. There are a number of things you need to be aware of including bin size and choosing the right bin size.

Bins are always measured in cubic meters, which tell you how much you can put into the bin without overfilling it.

2-metre skip bins

If you hire a 4-meter skip bin, then it is not a measurement of the length of the bin but its volume. The dimensions are measured from the top edge of the bin. For those who are planning on skip bin hire of a 2-meter bin, the bin they will get will measure 1.8 meter in length, 1.4 meter in width and 1 meter in height. This size of bin is perfect for small jobs in which you don’t have to get rid of a lot of waste. However, this bin is not large enough to fit a large piece of furniture but is perfect for those who are trimming hedges and who do not need to get rid of too much waste or material.

3-meter bins

The three-meter bin measures 2 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width and is 1.3 meters high. This is a popular and standard bin size that is used when you want to remove material from a house cleanup. It is good for removing items that are not too bulky and is a good option for those who are trimming a few hedges.

4-meter bins

The four-meter bin measures 2.5 meters in length and it is 1.6 meters wide as well as 1.2 meters high. This is a very popular bin size for your household cleanup and is good for those who want to remove some furniture or whitegoods or even a bed.

6-meter skip bins

The six-meter bin is suitable for larger cleanups. It measures 3.8 meters in length and is 1.6 meters wide as well as 1.2 meters high. This bin is useful if you want to remove material from a large cleanup. It is also perfect for removing longer items as well as whitegoods. If you are moving home, then this is the bin you should be choosing.

Choosing the right bin size

Before you pay a skip hire Brisbane company for their skip hire services, you need to make sure you pick the skip bin according to its size. To know which size bin is right for your needs, you should measure the largest item to be removed and then pick a size that is suitable for this largest piece.

Calculate appropriate bin size

It is also possible to calculate skip bin size by piling up all your rubbish and then calculating the size of the pile. Be sure to take the length and width as well as height of the pile and then pick a bin size that fits in with the measurements you just made.

Finally, before paying for skip bin hire Brisbane, you should understand the four categories of waste. These include general waste, green waste, heavy waste and concrete/bricks. Also, keep in mind it is not allowed to remove hazardous waste like asbestos and tires as well as liquid paints, oils and food and gas bottles. If found putting these items in the bin, you could end up paying a five hundred dollar fine.…

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