Tons of old laptops and PCs consume spaces in our homes, offices or business centers because we are reluctant to over the old machines for recycling. Within a few months, new models of tablets, PCS, laptops and smart phones are released making the old ones obsolete. It’s quite clear you cannot throw them into the dustbin leaving you with an alternative of either reusing or recycling. Below are reasons you should recycle your old computer,


It’s quite obvious that your laptop happens to contain materials that can be reused as raw materials to manufacture new products. You can use the metals from their circuit board to make a new circuit board without incurring an extra cost, and that is if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, your old computer is still valuable.


A majority of old computers would release hazardous waste like lead and mercury in our environment and if some of the parts are exposed can cause minor accidents to humans or animals can swallow and probably die. Instead of dumping of your old computer or leaving it lying around, reuse or recycle.

Local employment

It may be hard to realize this but used computer recycling creates employment. Assume you know how to assemble computers, but you can’t afford new parts. Using old parts to become creative can earn you a few dollars. The same case applies to computer recycling programs that recover PCs every day. The more they collect and recycle, the more they gain employment opportunities. If you don’t have a job and start picking up old computers and delivering them to IT specialists, you earn yourself one, and as time goes, you gain popularity, and more orders arrive at your doorstep.

Economic benefits

First of all, computers made from recycled parts are cheaper but that’s not all, you came across a new model you would love to have but it’s too expensive for you, there are retail shops that offer trade-ins. You provide them with enough old computers to cover the cost, and you get the new model. They take back your old computer and the new model is yours. So, the next time you think about throwing away your old PC, think twice. Economically, you have helped yourself, the retail shop, and the manufacturers through recycling.

Environmentally, you help reduce pollution by preventing toxic waste from leaking into the ground. It also helps your community grow when you give locals a chance to access cheap PCs.…

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