What Is Asbestos And How To Handle It Safely?

The term ‘asbestos’ is designated to the group of six fibrous materials that exist in nature and these are widely used for different constructional purposes since ages. These materials are all made of silicates and adored for the qualities of great durability and fire resistance. Though there are six different scientific names attributed to these asbestos materials’ these six types of asbestos are commonly known for their distinct colours. For example, Anthophyllite asbestos is known as brown asbestos and Crocidolite asbestos is called blue asbestos. 

All the asbestos materials can resist high temperatures, for which these are fireproof and are bad conductors of electricity, as well as great absorbers of sound. Thus, these materials were earlier used for making the roofs and the pipes of all the domestic and commercial buildings across the world. However, now it is discovered that the asbestos is also highly hazardous to human health and can be the reason for some deadly illnesses, including lung cancer. Hence, it should be handled with the utmost care and only the certified agencies should be contacted for asbestos removal likC4 Demolition. 

Tips for handling asbestos safely at old homes 

Though the asbestos is now prohibited for construction in many countries, there are still quite a large number of old buildings that have several parts made of asbestos. So the occupants of these buildings should be careful while handling these asbestos parts and follow some precautionary measures, which are also followed by the people involved professionally in-house demolition in Brisbane.

  • The people handling asbestos related works should wear protective gears to prevent the entry of harmful asbestos particles into their respiratory system. It is recommended to use a special respirator or double strapped dust masks for this purpose. 
  • Moreover, the people involved in the removal or repairing of asbestos should also wear thick gloves, hats, hooded coveralls and safety goggles for protecting their body skin, hairs and the eyes. 
  • These people should wash their faces and hands carefully with soap and warm water, after the completion of the asbestos removal Brisbane. The utmost care should be taken to prevent the entry of asbestos particles into the body through the foods and drinks, when they eat or drink in between this job or even afterwards. 
  • No one should eat or drink at the place where the repairing or removal of asbestos is going on. Moreover, smoking is also known to be dangerous there and may cause the inhalation of asbestos dust. 
  • As the asbestos is easily breakable, no powerful tool should be used for the removal of asbestos sheets or the pipes. Hence, the asbestos products cannot be drilled or cut into smaller pieces, for preventing the production of microparticles of asbestos dust. It is best to simply open up the screws of the joints carefully and bring out the asbestos parts during demolition Brisbane. 
  • The asbestos parts are often damped with the light spray of water, but a large force of water is prohibited to avoid breakage of these asbestos items. 
  • If someone is showing symptoms, visit Cancer Council for more information

Hence, only the professionals associated with asbestos removal Brisbane should be hired for safely removing the asbestos parts of the old buildings of this region. …